Tuesday, June 28, 2011

J's Theater Now An iPhone/iPad App!

With immeasurable thanks to my partner C and his company CAC Digital Arts, I can now invite J's Theater readers who want to dip into the site on their iPhones or iPads to download the new, free J's Theater iPhone/iPad app!

Everything you'll find on here is now available on the app version, along with direct links to the J's Theater Twitter feeds and easy-to-use sharing options for Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, GoogleReader, Instapaper, and other social networking sites. On the iPhone or iPad, you can view the articles in article view or full-page view, which simulates the view you see on the laptop. By double clicking on my J's Theater banner, you can also scroll through recent entries in full-page view too!

And did I say, it's free? Of course the app version means I'll need to post with a frequency closer to that of my first and second years as a blogger (2005-6, cf. the links on the right), but the spur is a good one!  If you have an iPhone or iPad, please be among the first to download the app, and please urge others to do so as well! Also do check out CAC Digital Arts' other apps and its first e-book, Maggie da Silva's The Real Family Camping Cookbook, and enjoy!

Some screenshots of the app!

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