Monday, June 13, 2011

Annals of Flânerie: Random Photos

Some photos from my various wanderings in the cities of New York and Chicago. Unfortunately the photo doesn't convey my elation at seeing the Andy Warhol statue, nor my bemusement at happening upon the second image, the e.e. cummings death mask, at the New York Public Library.  It's on exhibit until...I'm not sure, but if you're in New York this summer, stop by the second floor Reading Rooms, and on the way or out, it's right there.

Andy Warhol's statue near Union Square
Andy Warhol's statue in Union Square
e e cummings's Death Mask
e.e. cummings's death mask, at the New York Public Library
Subway scene
Subway scene
A man & his elephant
A closeup of the man and his elephant
Painting en plein air, NYC
En plein air painting
Digging up the 23rd St subway/PATH station
Digging in the 23rd St. station
At 125th in Harlem
At 125th St. in Harlem
Subway musicians

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