Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Poem: Michael Harper

I'm off for several days to celebrate my birthday, and I may not be able to post until I get back--though I may try to upload a few photos--so until then, a Michael Harper poem in keeping with my last couple posts:

Four Worthies: Souls of Black Folk

To Know, in heart, in groin;
to Move, trestle, bog, boat, mask;
to Love, woman, child, land, trees;
to Aspire, where blood, sperm, bone join.

Copyright © Michael S. Harper, from Images of Kin.


  1. happy birthday man. its no surprise that you---being the saavy literary/cultural studies connoisseur that you are---are up on the genius of Michael Harper.

  2. thanks for this john...and i agree with frankie..michael harper is quite amazing indeed...

    happy birthday and enjoy your time away from jersey...!!!

  3. so, another gemini... was in nyc, celebrating the x's

    hope you had a good one man

  4. Happy Birthday John!

    Wishing you many more!

    Thanks for a delightful morning of reading!

  5. Dear frank, ryan, maurice, larry d, christina, and donald, thanks so much for the lovely comments and wishes! All of you and your words and images and the informative, soulful spaces you've created online lift me immeasurably!