Saturday, June 25, 2005

DR Photo: The World from above the Earth

I'm still battling a cold, so here's another DR photo taken on Calle las Mercedes outside the Parque Independencia in Santo Domingo. It shows an exhibit of giant color photographs of scenes across the globe taken from high above the earth. The plate window-sized images ringed the gates of the park, which houses the tombs of the DR's 1844 independence leaders. Unfortunately I didn't manage to write down the name(s) of the photographer(s).

The particular image the young man is viewing holds special resonance for me, not only because of the terrible tragedy that happened there, but also because I lived for 7 years right across the river from where the Twin Towers once stood, and we used to be able see them from our home. Only a year before 9/11, I did a reading with Asha Bandele in a Barnes & Noble beneath the base of one that played for months on one of New York City's local cable channel; I vividly remember ascending the steep banks of escalators to reach the vast, wind-swept plaza....

Photo Exhibit

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