Sunday, July 24, 2005

Photos from the Harlem Book Fair

Now that I've figured out how to scale the pictures properly without using a calculator, here are just a few selected photos from the Harlem Book Fair!

Sidi (far right), best-selling Ivorian-American author, his friend and I

Writer Andrea Blackstone with bookmarks

Brent Dorian Carpenter
Author and publisher Brent Dorian Carpenter, whom I haven't seen in years

Nathaniel Portis (center), one of his cover models (at far left), and two friends

Six Weeks to a Sixpack
's Vincent Ferguson

author and publisher Hickson

Doubleday editor Clarence Haynes and colleague

Poet, publisher and literary force Jessica Care Moore and artist/poet/editor and good friend Christopher Stackhouse

Poet and NBA player Etan Thomas in the flow on 135th Street

A snapshot of Kolongi Brathwaite's "Hiphop Culture," on display at the Book Fair

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