Saturday, December 02, 2006

Snow + Reading @ Adodi Chicago

For those far away from the frigid heartland (it was 16°F last night), here are some pictures of this weekend's snowfall.

At the university

Heading to Chicago, one of the ploughed Evanston streets

An Evanston house lit up for the holidays

Chicago is at the end of the street and around the corner
Here are few photos from my Adodi Chicago reading today, in downtown Chicago. A decent crowd of people attended, and what was particularly gratifying was the discussion that followed the reading.

Looking over the text

After the discussion

Passing the cookies one of the members made


  1. Dear Blogger,

    Hello. Hope all is well. I was reading your blog and noticed that you covered an event with adodi book club and wondered if I can get in touch with the group.

    My name is Clarence Nero and I'm the author a novel entitled, "Three Sides To Every Story." I'll be in Chicago for a book signing in February and would love to connect with the group.

    My email is and my website is

    Thanks in advance for passing over the info and hope to hear from you soon! Clarence

  2. Hi Clarence, it was actually the Adodi Chicago monthly meeting, and my appearance was officially a "presentation," but you can contact Adodi Chicago directly via their website, at

    I'll also alert the person who invited me to contact you.