Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Some iPhone/iPad Drawings

I've drawn very few of my little and bigger portraits since the summer, but here are a few of those and one or two new ones. As always, most are life drawings (save the Sagat portrait--I think I drew his face too long and not wide enough--and the final one, based on an photo of football player Dez Bryant), done in one sitting (or, more usually), standing.

At a cafe (iPad drawing)
Woman in café, Manhattan (iPad)
Francois Sagat (iPad Drawing)
Actor/porn star, François Sagat (iPad)

iPhone sketch (on PATH)
Young man on PATH (iPhone)

Man on train (iPad drawing)
Man in café, Chicago (iPad)

Train sketch
Reverse drawing (iPhone)

Train sketch
Man on light-rail train (iPhone)

iPhone sketch (at Kinokinuya)
Man sitting across from me, Kinokuniya (Manhattan) (iPhone)

iPad life drawing
Man on PATH (iPad)

Man on train (iPad drawing)
Man on PATH (iPad)

Athlete (iPad Drawing)
Football athlete working out (iPad)

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