Thursday, December 29, 2005

Visited Countries/Visited States

Visited Countries

Borrowed from Soucouyant's site, countries I've visited. No places yet in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, or the South Pacific, though I have dreams of specific countries and regions (and C and I almost went to Turkey a few years ago)....

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Visited States

So far I've visited 31 states, or almost a third. (A few, like West Virginia and Delaware, I've only driven or ridden through, though several times with each). Oddly, I can't remember if I've ever been to New Hampshire. The only two Southern states I've never visited are Alabama and South Carolina. I was just in Florida two weeks ago (briefly) and DC last week. Such a pretty city! And it was the first place I ever visited by airplane, when I was 4 years old. There's always a conference that takes place in Hawai'i, and I always end up not having anything to speak about that would justify attending. I'll have to think of something. Soon. Very soon.

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