Monday, December 26, 2005

Nothing to say + Casa New Yorker

Today is one of those blogging days when I feel I have nothing intelligent to say and am feeling too lazy to post links to other sites. Actually I'd earlier identified some news articles I wanted to link to but the day is now mostly over and tomorrow I head to a conference for work--and not the fun kind--so I'll end by mentioning that among the people we met this past week are Scotch Wilks and Byron James, who're planning to open a hotel-guest house, the Casa New Yorker (at left, and pictured right to left are Scotch, C., Byron, and I), in Santo Domingo early next year. Scotch and Byron gave C. and me a tour of the premises, which used to be the old Casa Monaga--the new Monaga Apartments are just a few blocks away--and looks like it'll be one of many fine lodging options if you head to DR.

1 comment:

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