Friday, May 24, 2013

Random Photos

Main building, Cooper Union (with student
protest graffiti in the windows)
Washington Square Arch
Washington Square Arch
Washington Square Park
Rainy Washington Square Park
Ugo Rondinone Sculptures, Rockefeller Ctr.
Ugo Rondinone sculptures, Rockefeller Center
Ugo Rondinone Sculpture, Rockefeller Ctr.
Ugo Rondinone sculpture, Rockefeller Center (GE Building)
Harmonica Lewinskys, Grove St., Jersey City
Harmonica Lewinskys, Grove Street, Jersey City
Aiport bus queue, Pershing Square, NYC
Airport bus queue, Pershing Square (Grand Central Terminal in rear)
Loading ornamental trees outside Cipriani's, NYC
Loading ornamental trees, outside Cipriani's, Midtown
Backdoor to Cipriani's, NYC
Cipriani's back door, Midtown
Clothes on an impromptu drying rack, Greenwich Village
Impromptu clothes rack, West Village
New Fumihiko Maki mixed-used building
New Fumihiko Maki building, 8th St.
& St. Marks Place (site of the former
Cooper Union Engineering Building and
various coffee shops)
Sidewalk plaque, 41st St. (Library Row)
Literary sidewalk plaque, 41st Street (Library Way)

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