Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hoboken PATH Station Reopens

It has taken almost 7 weeks but Hoboken's PATH station, a key portion of its overall rail hub system, has finally reopened, with limited daily service from 5 am to 10 pm, and train service to Manhattan's 33rd St. PATH station. The direct line between Hoboken and World Trade Center, whose line to Newark resumed last week, remains closed.

For New Jersey residents who commute for work or school, or who just want affordable and convenient options to get to New York City, for New Yorkers who work or study on the NJ side of the Hudson, and for tourists who lodge at more economical NJ hotels, to name just three sets of potential riders, the return of service is a boon.

I snapped some photos of the light rail area and the rest of the station, some of which show the tropical storm's lingering, devastating aftermath, while others display the renovations and cosmetic improvements that have occurred over the last few months. I pray the businesses that are still shuttered reopen. Soon.

A decorative tile now gracing the light rail platform
One of the landline phone booths (during the storm
the landlines proved invaluable and cell service
often nonexistent)
A new sculpture/bench, still
inaccessible to commuters
Gulls sunning themselves in tranquility
Inside the railway station (temporary information
and ticket booths are visible at right)
The liquor store, still closed
The train platforms, mostly
back to regular form
Hudson News, still closed
The grand waiting room, closed off
but mostly cleaned and in very good shape
One of the convenience booths,
back open, and more ticket trailers
The exposed ceiling heading
to the PATH platform looks like
it still could use more repairs
Inside the Hoboken PATH station
which looks mostly back to normal

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