Thursday, March 22, 2012

Photos: Blossoms

I never tire of the many signs of spring. In Chicago before I left, the weather had already shifted to summer-mode. (It might be much milder now that I'm away. Summer is my favorite season, but I love spring's heralds and harbingers.) In New Jersey and New York, however, it does still feel like (a slightly warmer) March. I've even gotten to experience one of my favorite weather events, fog, which unfurled itself over everything like a gauzy coverlet all the way down to the Hudson. As I've traipsed hither and thither, I've been snapping photographs of flowers in bloom. Here are a few. I'm no Ansel Adams, but I think these images should convey some sense of the beautiful that nature makes available to us if we look.

Blossom, New York City 
Saucer magnolia blossoms, New York City 
Blossoms, New York City 
Dogwood blossoms 

Blossoms, New York
Holly berries 
Hibiscus flowers near the Cooper Union 
Dogwood at night

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