Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Embodiment Exhibition @ CUNY Graduate Center

I haven't seen Corporealities: An Exhibition of Art on Embodiment, at the City University of New York Graduate Center, which went up in February of this year (and may no longer be up; I need to check!), but an artist I worked with over a decade ago, Adrienne Klein, whose artworks explore and synthesize the multiple locations where art and science meet, did have a piece in it, and you can see a snippet of her and other artists in the show talking about their work.

According to the YouTube description, the exhibition was held in conjunction with a seminar, likely still underway, on embodiment, and was sponsored and hosted by the Mellon Foundation Interdisciplinary Committee on Science Studies. The exhibition featured artists whose work deals with "body parts, body modification, beauty, disease, sexuality, and biological processes," which is to say, "corporealities." I hope there's a fuller writeup and more images online soon.

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