Saturday, September 19, 2009

At the Fashion Tent II

More photos:

Homeless fashionista
A self-described homeless man, sashaying down the walkway, displaying his own striking style (don't be surprised to see something based on this on the runway next spring)
Outside the main tent
Outside the main tent
At the models' entrance
A young woman at the models' entrance
Rich people
Some of the fashionistas
Paparazzo (ready to fight)
The paparazzo who was ready to punch someone's daylights out
Model approached by fan
Model approached by a photographer
Very funny woman working the tent
The tough but friendly head doorperson
One of the fashion people arriving
After someone had been thrown out of the tent
Right after someone had been thrown out of the main tent for improper credentials (the guy looked very high)
Bringing the goods
Fashion people arriving with the goods
Toe-headed fashionista
Model leaving
One of the spectators
Model leaving
Another model departing
Ramona Singer of 'Real Housewives of NYC'
Ramona Singer of Real Housewives of NYC
Two stylish young guys in the park, checking out the happenings
Photographers, during a lull
Someone famous (?)
Two important people (?) arriving
Model posing
A model striking a pose
Model striking a pose
Post Lim show
Leaving the Phillip Lim show
Siafa Lewis (of LXTV) in trench coat
Siafa Lewis, of LXTV
Last day styling
Final day styling
Golden boots
Golden boots
No entry
The guard who parried my request to photograph the Anne Klein show's set up in the library's Celeste Bartos Forum
Library hall, site of Ann Klein show
The Bartos Forum, post-Klein show
Breaking down the tents
Breaking down the tents