Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Quote: Adrienne Kennedy

Adrienne Kennedy
    We never got to see Frantz.  Alice
and I went to the hospital
in Washington where we thought he was.
We were not admitted.
I still read from his life and
search for the cause of his
illnesses and death.
My romantic sister-in-law, up until
her death we all lived
on 16th Street. I see her writing
scripts, arranging us all
for the camera.
We never had a film club again.
After David's imprisonment
Alice didn't make films much.
Several years ago at Thanksgiving
we looked for Alice's
favorite scene of Now Voyager; it
was missing. She
believed she lost it that winter
in London.

I continue to read long passages
from Fanon, but for now a brief segment:

"But the war goes on:
and we will have to bind
up for years to come the
many sometimes
inneffaceable wounds that
the colonialist onslaught
has inflicted on our

From The Film Club (A Monologue by Suzanne Alexander), in The Adrienne Kennedy Reader, introduction by Werner Sollors, Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2001, pp. 180-181.

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