Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Random Photos

As so often is the case, I have numerous blog entries half-begun but cannot find the time to complete them. Soon, soon.... In their place, photos. (I am not yet succumbing to the mostly textless lures of Tumblr, I tell myself). And I can muster a paragraph longer than 140 characters. I also will not blame the snow and cold, which are, I read recently, supposed to provoke action. (Cf. Max Weber.) Please click on the images to enlarge them (I think that still works, though Blogger, like every other site, changes its functionality, with little fanfare, explanation or guidance.)

Only in Manhattan: a trouserless man
relieving himself in front of the New
York Public Library (when I mentioned
this to one of the library guards, he
shrugged and waved me on)
The Woolworth Building, shrouded in fog 
In Chelsea Market, an arch of lights
One of the countless worksites in Manhattan
where a luxury tower will soon rise

Along 9th Avenue 
Near 6th Avenue and 19th Street,
yet another worksight (and lift)
Vincent Katz and Chris Stackhouse
at the launch party for the final issue
of the lit journal Vanitas, at Zinc Bar
My colleagues Jim Goodman and Rachel Hadas
at their Writers at Newark reading at

A young woman eating a large
bell pepper on the PATH (I'd
never seen anyone eat a bell pepper
like this in public--until her) 
The passageway connecting the PATH
World Trade Center site with
Brookfield Place and the North Cove Marina
Inside Brookfield Place's atrium 
World Financial Center ferry heading
to Jersey City (in the distance, left to
right are: Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island,
and the Goldman Sachs tower)
Looking southeastward, from
Brookfield Place's other atrium
(this was the old World
Financial Center, west of the WTC) 
More of the endless snow!
Birds on the light-rail wire, Jersey City 
The Freedom Tower, Frank Gehry's torqued
luxury tower, and the Brooklyn Bridge
from Dumbo (I never tire of this vista) 
Jared Friedman, at This Red Door
On 125th Street, in Harlem
Now gone: the old, reliable Gray's
Papaya (I grabbed a quick bite here
many a night during my penniless
days as an NYU grad student)

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