Sunday, December 01, 2013

World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day. December 1. Today is the  25th World AIDS Day. Around 35 million people across the globe are living with HIV/AIDS, and new HIV seroconversions are declining. Embracing and helping to foster public policies that advance this decline are part of what World AIDS Day aims to do.

You can find more information on the global approach to HIV/AIDS at the World AIDS Campaign's website.

Here are some basic facts about HIV/AIDS, from the UK's World AIDS Day site, that we all should know.

HIV can be passed on through infected bodily fluids, most commonly via sex without a condom or by sharing infected needles, syringes or other injecting drug equipment.


There is no vaccine and no cure for HIV.


Please consider getting tested for HIV so that you know your serostatus.

[Use the locator below, if it appears on your browser, to find a testing site near you.]

  • You can now get tested for HIV using a saliva sample
  • HIV is not passed on through spitting, biting or sharing utensils
  • You can get the results of an HIV test in just 15-20 minutes
  • There are a number of things you can do to reduce the risk of serotransmission and seroconversion

Also, HIV/AIDS seroconversion is not a moral judgment, you cannot tell whether you or someone else has HIV/AIDS just the way she or he looks, and it's what one does that is the key factor for HIV seroconversion. These all seem like old hat some three decades into the HIV/AIDS pandemic, but it remains the case that too many people still don't know or fully understand these facts, and many others.

You can find many more facts about HIV/AIDS, including discussions of risk reduction, HIV testing and counseling, prevention and research, and ways to find help, support and treatment if you or someone you know is diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, legal rights, steps for discussing serostatus with family and friends, other health-related issues, and more here.

The much-maligned Affordable Care Act includes coverage for HIV/AIDS treatment and support!

USCA 2013 Federal Plenary on the Affordable Care Act

UPDATE: The ever on-top-it Rod 2.0 featured the following excellent graphic about HIV/AIDS and young gay men. You can find more information on Rod's excellent blog.

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