Sunday, January 13, 2013

Chris Stackhouse's Book Launch @ This Red Door

Plural, artist, critic and poet Chris Stackhouse's first collection of poetry, is now out from Counterpath (November 2012), and tonight he launched the book at This Red Door, the experimental arts collaborative, now running for a rich and exciting month at Kunsthalle Galapagos, in DUMBO, Brooklyn.

Chris's book encompasses his interests in visual art and theory, engaging with the likes of John Cage, Alain Badiou, Barnett Newman, Beauford Delaney, and many other mages, as well as deeply personal poems that conjure daily life in Brooklyn. It also includes one  in the lyric genre that famous so confounded the critic Joan Houlihan she had to call it out online.

As part of the launch Chris invited a number of friends--artists, poets and writers in other genres, filmmakers--to read from the book after he did, and to read other poems or texts they brought, if they so choose. Below are some photos from the event. You can purchase a copy of Plural here, on SPD's site, or here, directly from Counterpath.

The author himself, Chris Stackhouse
Chris Stackhouse reading (Zane Stackhouse behind him)
The crowd before the event
The crowd gathering, before the event
Jomar Statkun introducing the readings at Chris Stackhouse book launch, This Red Door
Jomar Statkun introducing the event
Jared Friedman at Chris Stackhouse book launch
Jared Friedman reading
Zane Stackhouse reading at Chris Stackhouse book launch
Zane Stackhouse reading
Tonya Foster at Chris Stackhouse book launch
Tonya Foster reading
Aram Jibilian reading at Chris Stackhouse book launch
Aram Jibilian reading
Tisa Bryant reading at Chris Stackhouse book launch
Tisa Bryant reading
George Positive reading at Chris Stackhouse book launch
George Positive reading
Panoramic photo of final reading at Chris Stackhouse book launch
Panoramic photo of final reading, by Robert Galinsky, at photo's center
Group photo!
Group photo (Chris, Erica Doyle, Tyehimba Jess, Tisa, me, Tonya)

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