Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Photos: Life Burning In Every Moment, Part 2

Fulton St. station at John St. (there once was a bldg there)
_____ was here (building site, John St. at the Fulton St. station, lower Manhattan)
World Trade Center Freedom Tower, nearing completion
World Trade Center Freedom Tower, nearing completion
9/11 Memorial Museum, Ground Zero under construction
World Trade Center building site, with the 9/11 Memorial Museum visible on the right
Washington Square Mews
Washington Square Mews, at night
Washington Square Arch, at night
Washington Square Arch, now renovated, at night
Washington Square Arch, renovated
Washington Square Arch, by day
Washington Square North, at night
Washington Square North, where Henry James passed his youth, Edward Hopper painted for years, Catherine Sloper refused her suitor, Alvy Singer walked and chatted with Annie Hall....
9/11 memorial lights 

Lower Manhattan, with the 9/11 memorial lights visible
Women in Black Against War, NYPL 

Women in Black Against the War (in front of the NYPL)
Towards the Hudson River 

Beneath the High Line
Free Huggers, Union Square 

Free huggers (but their buttons were $2), Union Square
Live auction, 5th Avenue, NYC 

Live auction, 5th Avenue, near Midtown
Dancer-acrobats, Times Sq. 

Dancer-acrobats, 42nd Street Chalk drawing and its artist, Washington Square Park 
Chalk artist with drawing, Washington Square Park

Con Ed worker, after a shift, 23rd St.
Delivery, 6th Avenue 

Delivery, 6th Avenue
Construction on a building, 23rd St.

Construction underway, 23rd St.
History lesson, at Harsimus Cove, Jersey City 
Historical plaque, Harsimus Cove, Jersey City
Mercer Street Books 

Mercer Street Books

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