Thursday, December 02, 2010

Recent Comings & Goings - NYC

A few photos of recent events or shows I've attended, street scenes, and all that good stuff.

Pop-up designer jewelry store
A pop-up designer store in Chelsea
Alexander Bonin Gallery
Alexander Bonin Gallery in Chelsea
Look west towards the Hudson
Look west in Chelsea, towards the Hudson River (that's the IAC building on the left, and the High Line Park horizontally splitting the frame)
Outside the NY Film Academy Café
Lanterns strung outside the New York Film Academy Café, near Astor Place (I can remember when this spot was a Starbucks, and a Fuqua's, and even part of the Cooper Union)
At Thé Adoré
Outside Thé Adoré
At Thé Adoré, West Village
At Thé Adoré, a great spot near NYU (that's my old friend Jerry W., on the left)
Inside the Limelight (Mall)
Inside the Limelight Mall (I actually partied at the Limelight, both in my 20s and again in my 30s, so it remains a bit of a shock for me to step inside this space and see what it's become, but it's a metaphor for New York: a mismatched mall!)
The angels
Angels posing (I have no idea what this was about...but in the old days, half would have been male and all would have been wearing less clothing with those wings.)
The Limelight (now a mall)
Exterior of the Limelight (Mall)
St. Francis Xavier Church
Interior of St. Francis Xavier Church, West Village (I've passed this church many a time, known graduates of its famous high school, and decided finally to peek my head in. The woman at right urged me to "come in," but having devoted a good portion of my youth to the Roman Catholic Church, I decide a snapshot would suffice.)
Pop-up art gallery, Chelsea
Pop-up Gallery, in Chelsea; I believe this is the same spot that not even a week later was the jewelry store pictured above. Also interesting how some icons, like Twiggy, remain in circulation, while others vanish without a trace
Pop-up art gallery
Gallerists at work
W. 23rd St.
Décollage (so common all across Manhattan, and here it adorns a building site)
Rainwater mirror
Rainwater mirror (this is photography 101, but I am endlessly delighted by the mirrors that rainwater or thawing ice make. My new novel even opens with an image of this sort.)

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