Saturday, January 23, 2010

iPhone Drawings

It's been a while since I've posted any iPhone drawings, though I've done a few since getting back, but since I seldom ride the CTA trains or buses in Chicago, and am usually reading work-related material when in a coffeehouse, the opportunities for sketches are few.  Here are four, one from Chicago and the other three from New York and New Jersey.

iPhone drawing - Man @ Barbershop
Man in barbershop, Chicago (the way I drew him, he ended up looking a lot like Haile Selassie; maybe I have the late Ethiopian emperor's image buried somewhere in my consciousness, or maybe it's just the dreadlocks....)
iPhone Drawing - Man on train (leaving MLA)
Man on train, Amtrak ride back from MLA in Philadelphia
iPhone drawing - Man on PATH
From my PATH series, I think I drew this on one my final December 2009 rides into Manhattan to head to my beloved New York Public Library
iPhone drawing - at B&N, Union Square
Trio, Barnes & Noble, Union Square - the first picture drawn in 2010 (The guy at back right looks like I pulled him straight out of Alex Katz painting. I am a huge fan of Katz's work)

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