Thursday, August 06, 2009

My Recent Webwhereabouts, or Twitter

Twitter AvatarIt's been eons since I last posted. I do have some unfinished stubs to complete, but I've found--naturally enough--that since I mentioned Twitter some posts ago, that's become one of my mainstays for offering up my thoughts to the Net.

Twitter's 140-word limit doesn't encourage deep or exhaustive thinking or posting, but then again, it does seem to provoke Wit-tering, and it's a great way to direct people to links, sites and other tweets you find of interest. (Which is probably why so many corporations have jumped in its flatbed.)

It also, I must say, has proved to be a quick way to reach certain institutions, like the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. For every fawning or semi-informative Tweet they post, someone comes right back to let them know about service problems, the wind-tunnel quality of certain stations, and so on. And they do respond. Quickly. (On the other hand, an old-fashioned letter I sent to the director of the Incinerator Authority, my City Councilperson, and the not-yet-indicted mayor did spark very quick action in the neighborhood. So sometimes the old methods are as or even more effective. Email, I think, is a wash.)

Since I've been too lazy--though not idle; I have completed at least one project so far and have finished reading several books for a change--to post my Twitter feed (it's jstheater) address, here's some of what has appeared there if not here. Or, "Aspects of my recent life in 60 tweets."

  1. One word: projection!
  2. now that MEN & women & children r being raped in the Congo will the world take notice?
  3. Can I say SCOTUS Associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor yet?
  4. Reading Sontag's journals is like visiting France for the first; it is both similar 2 & more amazing than you imagined.
  5. If only the new Lispector bio weren't as big as a boulder, I'd carry it w me everywhere.
  6. Twitter's back, ttg! Can't do without folks' bursts of whatever comes 2 mind or fingertip...
  7. Agua frescas @ Doma are still the bomb!
  8. Do the Mets regret firing Willie Randolph yet?
  9. Why won't someone pay me to go act a fool on behalf of single-payer universal health care?
  10. Why are former Democratic presidents addressing humanitarian needs & crises while GOP ex-prezes just play golf?
  11. Happy Barack Obama Day!
  12. Why do I always expect books I want 2 be in the bookstore (cf new Lispector bio)?
  13. @PATHtweet Was just on 33rd-Jsq 604 / a huge sardine can was that car / riders cd barely get in the door / glad we didn't run out of air!
  14. @Blabbeando Not at all surprising. He's such a lowlife.
  15. King Lear is far stranger, more gory and more complex than I recall. I cd easily see an African filmic version.
  16. Having cut the backyard lawn this morning, I'll pick some more blackberries this evening. What to do with them, tho?
  17. this morning felt like September, but now it feels like August.
  18. @tayari I This book is getting a LOT of play...why?
  19. @Atrios And yet I still read it every day!
  20. It's a steambath out here. Rain would be great.
  1. Was so into what I was writing 2day I forgot what time it was. Back 2 the world...
  2. Humid 2day but so sunny, so I love it.
  3. @Blabbeando where is nn?
  4. @zeenakoda yes works 2 jsq but not 2 nwk it's a mess @ jsq upstairs
  5. @PATHtweet no jsq 2 nwk trains! of course conflicting info; loudspeaker says take jersey trans, conductor says buses @ jsq--????
  6. New Jersey's news these days is very wild wild West or NYC circa 1980!
  7. Horrendous! Bloomberg should be ousted for this act alone. BTW where's the churches' outcry?
  8. @tayari mendi o has the perfect ending-the-chain-letter letter.
  9. a fine tribute
  10. @tayari it's atrocious but not surprising. all my students have read her work & she's often a fave.
  11. Sometimes I think 3GS = 3 good sentences b4 AT&T's network craps out.
  12. @blackgriot It does @ the holiday inn Viking in St. Louis
  13. I thought Merce Cunningham was immortal.
  14. I had a mifi but gave it up. Why oh why did I ever do that?
  15. @glenngreenwald It's disgraceful, really.
  16. So very sorry to learn about E Lynn Harris's death!
  17. Thinking about Sara Ahmed's ideas as a way to consider blackness and queerness
  18. @AllenGallery all of em except Corzine Corey B & Randall P lol
  19. Go new jersey down & dirty run by crooked & the crazy!
  20. @PATHtweet 3rd car in my Hob-33rd St car has no AC, like a grill inside. Come on, PATH!
  1. Caught Soledad's BIA 2 last night; better than first installment but so much still left out. & yes we know bourgies exist!
  2. Watched Prez O last night, so-so salesman. It's the baseline that must be reformed.
  3. @PATHtweet On a new train, finally!
  4. First flight can canceled 2nd 2 hrs late lord just get me home to NJ!
  5. Very sorry to hear about Frank McCourt's passing. He was a master storyteller.
  6. @tayari You can do it!
  7. Happy birthday to Nelson Mandela!
  8. It's so mild here in st. Louis; I thought it would be hotter
  9. my plane is snowing inside but I'm not worried. :-|
  10. @glenngreenwald We should demand that it happen before the recess
  11. @PATHtweet thanks it always feels like 20-25 and the trip to Newark is glacial but NJ Transit train 2 EWR did arrive!
  12. @PATHtweet @ Newark Penn Some escalators, monitors, track board broken, station like an obstacle course
  13. @PATHtweet Waiting as always long time for Newark train @ JSQ - why PATH???
  14. @PATHtweet Just saw 1 of the new trains natch it was No Passengers for Newark direction
  15. Great work by Senate to attach Shepard Hates Crimes bill to DOD bill - will Obama sign?
  16. @TLDEF So glad about the verdict!
  17. @Blabbeando Buchanan was stone kkkold kleagle tonight. Rachel was good but enough is enough!
  18. Wendy Williams's tv show is all about the audience howudoin?
  19. Don't the chirren run "child please" every five seconds? OchoCinco...hmm....
  20. @charlesfstephen best wishes with the writers' group!


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