Sunday, October 15, 2006

Scenes from the Week So Far

What a week it's been, and it isn't over yet. Here are some scenes from the week.

The artist Niz working on some projects at Naïeveté Studios, before Second Sun

Krista Franklin checking out some of Niz's paintings on skateboards

Hugh Spector's storyboxes, seen from above

Niz speaking about her work

Adriennne Rich, before her reading at the university, on Wednesday (National Coming Out Day); my colleague Robyn Schiff and I hosted a discussion with her earlier in the day, and I'll post that soon.

The Black aesthetics panel at the Cave Canem 10th Anniversary Celebration. At the table, from left, Greg Tate, Elizabeth Alexander, James de Jongh, Yusef Komunyakaa. Farah Jasmine Griffin, standing, was the panel chair.

A shot of the video screen showing Mendi + Keith Obadike's "The Pink of Stealth" project, at the CC10C New Media panel.

Sonia Sanchez reading, at the CC10C faculty reading, Friday night (it was 4+ hours of extraordinary poetry)

Ronaldo Wilson's closing statement (25 push ups!) at the CC10C "Inner Workings Panel" at St. Mark's Church, yesterday (at the table, also on the panel, from left, are poets Dante Micheaux, Gloria Burgess, Phebus Etienne, Jacqui Johnson, and Ross Gay.

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