Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Photos: 9th International Book Fair, Santo Domingo

At the Café Bohemio, "Propuesta E+Z=P" (Poetics and poetry of Argentinian Ernesto Sábato and Dominican Zacarías Espinal), featuring Puro Tejada and José Almonte Batista

Students walking in front of the Argentina pavilion

Wall of quotes (Jorge Luis Borges is at the top)

An artist working on large sheet of paper in the Argentinian pavilion

Public popular art commemorating the US invasion 41 years ago

Person effects of Pedro Henríquez Ureña, one of DR's and Latin America's major literary figures

People awaiting a talk (I think I waited for about a half-hour)

In the José Peña Gómez pavilion (he was one of the key figures on the Dominican left until his death several years ago)

People chatting between readings in the Dominican authors' pavilion

An outdoor print workshop

Students taking notes on Marcio Veloz Maggiolo's bibliography

A tableau of Veloz Maggiolo with other archeologists, discovering Taino paintings in Dominican caves

Paintings by Veloz Maggiolo, in the Veloz Maggiolo Pavilion

Lounging around the Verdi statue

The baseball pavilion, with its long line.


  1. John, thanks for posting these photos, it's great to see the book fair exhibits.

  2. Hi Audiologo, I wish I'd taken more. Or at least better ones. I also wish I'd gotten to see Mateo Morrison. I bought a book of his poems on Dorothy Dandridge. It's a fascinating little volume, uneven in parts, but quite beautiful in others. I am particularly fascinated by the Diasporic dialogue he creates through his invocation of Dandridge and other figures, like the Black Panthers ("blacks panters") and Angela Davis in the poems. I think I missed him by an hour or so, though I was never sure whether people had changed the schedules of events on an impromptu basis or were just early or (very) late. All in all, it was a lot of fun and quite educational, in multiple ways.