Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Festival of African Rap

FestivalSince April 9, the Festival de Rap Africain has been taking place since this past weekend in Conakry, Guinea (Guinée). This is the festival's fifth year, and the theme for 2006 is "Let's Record Our Children."

I'm not familiar with many of the groups (well, none other than Neg' Marrons [see below]), but I would love to see and hear how hiphop is developing and transforming as a musical form and practice in sub-Saharan Africa, especially now that hiphop and rap have become a vital mode of cultural, political and social production across the globe.

(Interestingly this festival does appear to be focused specifically on Francophone Western African; there are no groups from North, Central or Southern Africa, or from non-Francophone countries on the roster. I also wonder if the rappers rap in French and French-derived idioms, or if they mix in African languages, English, and languages, and how this sounds over beats. What is their flow like?)

If anyone has any information on or links to audiofiles or CDs for any of these musicians and groups, please do post them in the comment section.

Musique festival 09/04/2006 > 16/04/2006
Conakry Guinée
Le Rap aussi - Festival de Rap africain
5e édition avec pour thème « Enregistrons nos enfants »

Programmation (Programming)

Dimanche 09 avril 2006 Palais du Peuple

Idéal Black Girls (Guinée)
Silatigui (Guinée)
Masta G (Guinée)
Fac Alliance (Guinée)

Samedi 15 avril 2006 Centre culturel franco-guinée

Neg'MarronsNeg Marrons (France)
Deeg J Force III (Guinée)
Nix (Sénégal)
Silatigui (Guinée)
Masta G (Guinée)

Dimanche 16 avril 2006 Stade du 28 septembre - Conakry

Daara J (Sénégal)
Deeg J Force III (Guinée)
Bill de Sam (Guinée)
Methodic (Guinée)
Secta’a (Gabon)
Kajemm (Côte d’Ivoire)
Légitime défense (Guinée)
Sista Fa (Sénégal)

Stages de formation du 10 au 15 avril 2006

En management Luc Mayitoukou (Africa Fête) – Lotère Gomis (Awadi) Babacar Ndiaye (Psicd) – Riyad Chaloub (BGDA)
Danse Hip Hop Eric Mézino
Technique de DJ D.J. Moses
Mao Condel B
Ecriture de texte Mohamed Salif Keita et les Rappeurs


  1. very interesting stuff. must catch this next time around. thx

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