Saturday, March 25, 2006

Animated Gif: Summit 2002

This is one of those animated gifs I created back in 2002. I am trying to recall exactly what summit or nadir provoked it, though I think the buildup to the War in Iraq amidst so many other social and political problems at that point was central to what I was trying to get across.


  1. Mendi, it originally was "power," but your question makes me think it could be read as both (ironically in the case of Powell)...

  2. yeah, right? i loved the not knowing and also the ways that other words and phrases (like "ocratic s") made me reach in order to read. i don't know why i'm drawn to texts that speak to me like that

  3. "Buy It"

    Stands out because of the red. But also because it captures the neoliberal-neo-con, pro-war, pro-business hints throughout.

    I have to admit, though, stuff that moves hurts my eyes. (So, why do I watch tv and movies? That's a whole other discussion.)