Sunday, May 22, 2005

Drawing: Duriel Harris

BTC II: Here's DrPomoFunk, Duriel Harris. Words (sounds, phonemes, morphemes) "billowed" around her as they did around Ronaldo, spoken, sung, screeched, spat, shattered, and sprung, in the brilliant formal structures she's been devising over the last few years, some of which appear in her book Drag (elixir press, 2004), which was one of the freshest creative texts I've come across in years.

This weekend she's been instrumental in the AfroGeeks 2005 conference taking place at the University of California-Santa Barbara, where omniartists Mendi + Keith Obadike are performing two works, "The Sour Thunder" and "4-1-9." Both have online components and are worth checking out!


i will
she knew
a shadow


  1. Thanks for taking all of us wishing folks where we wanted to be. Mo' please!

  2. John, these are fabulous sketches. You should exhibit them somewhere! Do you sketch whenever you are at a reading? Under what circumstances do you do them? I can't stress enough how much I love seeing these writers with words floating around them!

  3. Christina, thanks for posting. As I said in post on your blog, I hope you and your family (and especially your son) are doing okay over in London. I really enjoy your poems and impressions.

    Mendi, thanks for the good words. I sometimes do sketch at readings; it depends on which notebook I've brought and how I'm feeling. I used to not write the words alongside the faces (I drew Tricia Rose without them), but in the cases of Ronaldo, Duriel and Rachel DuPlessis, I felt like they were necessary. The drawings hover close to cartoons, which fascinate me, so I am thinking that one of these days I will do a graphic work. I've already done some sketches towards it--but working out the text and images has been harder than I thought.