Monday, February 20, 2006

Quote: Teshome Gabriel

Gabriel"The 'wretched of the earth,' who still inhabit the ghettos and the barrios, the shanty towns and the madinas, the factories and working districts, are both the subjects and the critics of Third Cinema. They have always '[smelled] history in the wind.' Third Cinema, as guardian of popular memory, is an account and record of their visual poetics, their contemporary folklore and mythology, and above all their testimony of existence and struggle. Third Cinema, therefore, serves not only to rescue memories, but rather, and more significantly, to give history a push and popular memory a future."
--Teshome Gabriel, from "Third Cinema as Guardian of Popular Memory: Towards a Third Aesthetics," p. 64, in Questions of Third Cinema, Jim Pines and Paul Willemen, editors (London: British Film Institute, 1989).

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