Monday, December 19, 2005

Photo: SDQ

This is just a test remote blogging message. Instead of an entry, I´m posting a photo of baseball player Miguel Alfonseca and me in the airport. I´m not sure what team he plays for or if he´s in the minor leagues. At first I thought he was Aramis Ramirez but when I asked, he said his name was "Miguel." I then asked if he spoke English. He said no. So then I asked him his surname, and he said "Alfonseca." I repeated "Miguel Alfonseca" and he nodded, so I´m going to go with that. If anyone knows what team he´s with, let me know in the comment section!

Update: No luck on who "Miguel Alfonseca" is, but I learned in the publication listings of one of the books I bought today that there's an annual Joven Miguel Alfonseca literary prize, oddly enough. None of the authors whose works I'd purchased--Andrés Mateo, Carlos Rodríguez, and a third whose name now escapes me--had won it. ¿Miguel Alfonseca, quién eres?


  1. Does this photo mean you're back east? Hope to see you if so. BTW, what's remote blogging?

  2. Antonio Alfonseca was with the Marlins and the Expos, not sure about Miguel. Enjoy the DR!

  3. LOL!!!

    Photos with random people as long as they play or look like they play sports!