Saturday, March 26, 2005

Saturday Quote: Tom Miller + Another Hate Crime

"I've done a lot of work where I paint on furniture and other objects. The pieces that I use are what I grew up with--furniture like what my grandmother would have in her dining room--that type of thing. And these pieces, in many cases, are things that have been discarded. Not valuable antiques but working-class people's furniture mostly from the '30s and '40s with a few pieces from the '50s. I paint a 'skin' on the furniture and the pieces become very active--wiggling and moving. It's like Friday night in Baltimore City. Everybody's out, everybody's moving. I try to capture the same energy level that I admire in black people, like when Michael Jordan jumps--how can another human being do that?"
--artist Tom Miller, "Interview with Greg Henry, Tom Miller and Al Carter," from Next Generation: Southern Black Aesthetic (Winston Salem: South Eastern Center for Contemporary Art, 1990), p. 152.

A day ago Planetblack sent along links about another attack on a gay man of color in New York, this time activist Nelson Torres:


Yet another violent attack against a gay man of color. Nelson Torres, an employee of Hispanic AIDS Forum, was attacked outside of his Bronx home this past Saturday. For more info, go to:

Press release

I don't know any more about this, but as I learn and hear more I'll post more.

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