Friday, March 11, 2005

Jn.Ulrick Désert

Back to conceptualism on a snowy Friday, a brotha's take: Jn.Ulrick Désert

Désert, visagePatriotic burqas, chocolate stigmataed babies' hands, "phat lips," teacups and saucers featuring enslaved women staring back at you, uncut German male genitalia. Get ready a bit of cognitive dissonance, or turbulence, as you will.

Or as he says on his Website:

"Jn.Ulrick Désert is a visual artist living and working between USA and Europe.

His conceptually based projects vary from Sculpture, Photography, Video, Prints, Performance and deal with shifts in perception and the fluidity of meanings."

Check it out. What do you think?
3.11.2004 / 3.11.2005 (Don't forget)


  1. i like it. some of it reminded me of Yinka Shonibare's work.

  2. Hey Rogue D, I agree, and also see the influences of Adrian Piper (whom I blogged about a few days before), David Hammons, Lyle and Thomas Ashton Harris, Kara Walker, Glenn Ligon, and other authors playing with racial and sexual stereotypes, identity in discourse and language, and public performance. I am going to contact Jn.Ulrick and find out if he's exhibiting in the NY area anytime soon.

  3. let me/us know what you find out. i really loved the stuff i saw. i mean, it reminded me of shonibare, not just because the ideas seemed connected, but also because of how it made me feel -- because of the proverbial 'breath of fresh air', but also because it got me thinking, got me wanting to work in new and different ways.

    thanks for the heads up