Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Random Photos

Bouncer throwing drunk man into the gutter
A bouncer throwing a very drunk man
into the street on 3rd Avenue
(I'd never seen this happen in real life until this night - several people nearby had already called the police before I could. The extremely drunk man, covered in snow and filthy water, nevertheless kept dragging himself along the sidewalk because he couldn't stand. Finally the cops, followed by an ambulance, showed up.)

Fashion student, examining her portfolio, Manhattan
Young fashion student, examining her portfolio at a West Village copy shop
Snow, West Village
Snowy evening, E 13th St.
Patrick Rosal, Jessica Hagedorn, and Jayne Anne Phillips, @ Rutgers-Newark
Patrick Rosal, Jessica Hagedorn, and Jayne Anne Phillips,
at the first MFA reading of the spring semester
Through the gold screens, NYU's Bobst Library
Bobst Library's atrium, from the 8th floor,
behind the suicide-proof gilded screens
(which weren't in place when I was a student there)
Squash court, Grand Central Terminal
Temporary squash court,
Grand Central Terminal
Voguer, Union Square
Voguer/performer/dancer, Union Square Park
Two skateboardres, watching the light rail preacher
Two skateboarders, watching
the light rail preacher, Newport Station
"The Ultimate Sacrifice"
"The Ultimate Sacrifice"
42nd Street
Lenox Ave, Harlem
Food cart, 135th Street, Harlem
Gold Man, in the subway
Gold man, with his ATM radio
50th Street station
Mae Ngai, delivering her talk at NYPL
Columbia University professor Mae Ngai,
lecturing on trans-Pacific Asian diasporas
at the New York Public Library
A common sight in Manhattan
A hungry, homeless man (a common
sight all over Manhattan, especially in Midtown)
Gotham, on a rainy day
A temporary oil tank, West Village
Repairing the Fulton St. station
Workers repairing the ceiling,
Fulton Street station
Young man with mohawk
Young man with a mohawk,
3 train heading uptown

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