Friday, April 22, 2011

Animation: Codex vs. Tablet

Last summer, when I immersed myself in making simple animations on the iPad, I created a shorter version of the following animation, "Codex vs. Tablet." It's one of the longest animations I've ever created, and the issues it broaches are fairly straightforward and relevant, especially now that we're in a material shift, at least in the US and other developed countries, in terms of the relationship between print books and other printed materials, and their electronic and digital cognates. At the end of my winter quarter class, "The Situation of Writing," I realized that this video would illustrate some of the key points we'd explored all along, so I played it for the class. But it was the shorter (3/4 frames/sec) version, and it zipped by so fast that they urged me to lengthen it. So here it is, slowed down. J's Theater readers should be able to watch it without a problem. Also, please note that the animation software doesn't allow me to type in text, thus my crude lettering, to match my rough drawings. Enjoy!

PS: Do wait for the note at the very end!

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