Saturday, September 08, 2007

Photos: On the Periphery of Fashion Week

One of the signs that I'm approaching the end of my summer sojourn at home and consequently my last weeks at the library writing and researching is the presence, in its varied forms, of Fashion Week. The tents and fashionistas not only turn Bryant Park into their hive, but claim parts of the library's research branch as well. I was hoping to see André Leon Talley milling about, but no such luck. Here are a few photos from this past week.

Workers putting up a new Sean John poster in the 42nd Street subway

Folks snapping photos, with the tents in the background

People having lunch and strolling, some I'm sure oblivious to all the nearby excitement

One of the tent entrances

Models and fashionistas gathered outside another entrance, at the library

"Fashion" screams out from magazine pages as well

Gertrude Stein serenely presiding: "and then there is using everything."

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