Tuesday, September 11, 2007



And following on a suggestion by Not Atrios, tell




that we want US troops brought home from Iraq as soon as possible, and that the Democratic-led Congress refuse to support a coup that will install a US puppet, be it Ayad Allawi or anyone else;

that we do NOT want a war with Iran or military strikes on Iran or the Iranian people, whether directly or by proxy, and that the the Democratic-led Congress not compromise even in the slightest on this issue;

that we want the Democratic-led Congress to revisit and completely rethink its capitulation on the warrantless wiretapping bill, which includes restoring the oversight of the independent, secret federal court; providing NO immunity or indemnification for phone companies that participated in any illegal activity; and severely constraining the power of the Executive and his offices to conduct spying of any form, using any technology, on Americans;

that we want the the Democratic-led Congress to pass a comprehensive voting bill which, among other things, makes all source code reviewable by government authorities; maintains a printed paper trail and preserves this trail for at least 100 years, with any willfull destruction of it publishable as a serious felony; makes all votes cast fully auditable by public officials and citizens; criminalizes and enforces the law on actions like voter caging, intimidation of voters and willfully striking voters from voting lists to deny them their franchise; and permits people who have completed their jail and probation terms to vote;

that the president's choices for the new Attorney General are unacceptable right-wing hacks and that at the very least he should select someone chosen by a bipartisan, blue-ribbon panel, and that the Democratic-led Congress should not give any leeway given the successive debacles of the John Ashcroft and Alberto Gonzales tenures at the Department of Justice;

that we want all of the investigations initiated by Democratic-controlled Congress to result in action, not just a series of queries, shrugs, whines and idle demands--they must review the U.S. Constitution and use all options available to them, beginning with enforcing the subpoenas; and they absolutely must not let this president and his administration get away with anything else;

that we finally have a full and complete investigation of the incompetence that led to the horrific tragedies on September 11, 2001, and afterwards, and that the president and vice president be forced to testify separately and under oath about their actions before, during and after this tragedy;

that the Democratic-led Congress and any journalists who still feel their profession has any worth stand up to the morally and ethically bankrupt, corporatized "mainstream" media and its broken, RNC-derived narratives any longer.


If you have any demands to present to Congress, please add them in the comment section.

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