Sunday, July 02, 2006

More Drawings (from the files)

Here are a few more images from that 1989-1992 drawing book.
Man Reading Tabloid
Man on Green Line, Copley. This drawing fascinates me primarily because I'd written in the headline, "Bad News for Bush Agenda," which referred to problems George H. W. Bush was having at the time. Of course I had no idea that his son would be elected (or foisted on us) a little over a decade later, and that he'd turn out to be 1000 times worse.
Random brothaman
Man on Red Line train to Kendall (Cambridge), 8am--I'm assuming I drew this brotha on my way to work (or somewhere). I always remember the T trains rocking and flying through the tunnels, but they must have been steady enough for me to at least complete this portrait.
Brotha in Adidas cap
Man in Adidas cap, #17 Bus, Dorchester. This was the bus that ran down Bowdoin Street in Dorchester to from Fields Corner to Andrew Station, which was just across the border in South Boston. I remember running for this bus many a morning--a very, very cold morning.
Barbershop Scene
Nu-Image Barbershop, 1991. This is the most recent of the drawings. It was in the barbershop, which was (is?) in Central Square in Cambridge that I first learned about the Dark Room Writers Collective, shortly before the very first season began, in 1989.

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