Sunday, November 20, 2005

Jess and Franklin @ Myopic Reading Series

I rarely go out in Chicago on Sunday nights because I usually (always) have student work to reread, important meetings on Mondays and it's hell finding a parking space in Rogers Park after 8 pm on any day except for Friday (sometimes Saturday). But tonight I went down to Chicago's literary "crack house"--to use Toni Asante's apt term--Myopic Books, whose shelves are usually lined with at least 5-10 books you've either been looking for but couldn't find except online (via or hadn't ever thought of but have to have, at half-rate prices. (Yes, I left with at least one new book.) I went down to Myopic, because the extraordinary Tyehimba Jess, author of the acclaimed volume Leadbelly, and now a professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana, and Krista Franklin, whose collages and poems have transformed many a literary publication, were reading. I actually got there fashionably late, so I missed Krista (this time, though I've heard her read some of her amazing music-based poems, and await the chapbook and full-length volumes she'll publish soon, I hope), but did catch Jess reading from his collection.

I can remember some of Leadbelly poems from several years ago (and we finished up at CC together in 2001), so it's really marvelous to see the collection published and the praise he's getting for these poems that manage not only to animate the great blues musician's life and career, but also combine a profoundly grounded lyricism with what is one of the key African/American musical and poetic forms. Jess employs the blues though not as a strict form but as a thematic and aesthetic undercurrent and guide. The book is so outstanding it should have been nominated for a National Book Award, but I wasn't on that committee, unfortunately. A number of folks were at the reading, from as far away as Ohio and New York; the room was packed, which was great to see. Here are a few photos from tonight. (I didn't get any of Toni, who said that was fine; but this reminded me, it's a good idea to bring the extra camera battery!)

Krista Franklin, in conversation

Tyehimba Jess reading/conjuring from Leadbelly

Jess introducing a poem

Dr. Pomofunk, Duriel Harris, in from upstate New York for the holidays

Maverick poet Thomas Sayers Ellis, posing with Jess


  1. J:
    Stop making me want to MOVE TO CHICAGO!:)

  2. Well, we would love it if you'd come visit... :-)

  3. John, you're in Chicago? Who knew? I'm at UIUC. Anyway, I am here with Tyehimba and we ran across your terrific blog. And, WE'D love for you to come visit Champaign. hint, hint.

  4. Hey Tayari! Jess told me that you were out at UIC, so I am going to get out there at some point! (And were your ears burning when we singing your phrases.) I hope you're doing well