Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Angel Franco's Invisible New Yorkers

One of my favorite new must-reads in the New York Times are Ángel Franco's weekly "Lens" pieces, Invisible New Yorkers. Basically he photographs New York denizens rarely captured by the mass media, except as objects or statistics, and lets them write (or draw) whatever they want beneath their photos. Then he gives a brief profile of them (sometimes translating or transliterating what they've penned). The only high-profile person he's featured has been elusive artist and activist James de la Vega.

The first photo was of Gilbert Rawlins:

After Rawlins, he profiled:

Michele Code and Isaiah Tenorio (Nov. 23)
Marjorie Eliot (Nov. 16)
Rafael Gonzalez (Nov. 9)
Crispin Cortes and James De La Vega (Nov. 2)

And today's was Angelo Painu.

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