Saturday, October 08, 2016

Photos: Venice Beach

While out in Los Angeles last week to read at the Otis College of Art I had the pleasure of visiting Venice Beach, which I hadn't seen since I was a child. Many thanks to everyone at Otis, especially Peter Gadol, who made my visit possible, and here are a few photos from my stroll along the Venice Beach Speedway and up Rose Avenue nearby.

Looking north along the Speedway,
towards Santa Monica
Looking south 
One of many talented
live musicians
Another view
Pigeons and other birds
feasting on bagels 
People biking along the beach
Looking east 
I didn't dare hop on a skateboard
though it might have been the quickest
way to see everything
A bit of turf near the surf


The mural says it all  
A vintage Jeep 
Rose Ave
Self-portrait in a plate
glass mirror
Full Circle
One of many homeless
A semi-arbor (or
overgrown bush) 
A rhododendron 
Looking west to the beach
Street scene 
At Otis College of Art,
during a fire drill
In the quadrangle
Some of the Otis students

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