Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Random Photos

A bit more jaunting around New York means one thing: random photos!

Here are a few, from recent weeks (and the first three are from much earlier in the summer), including  one showing the new business that occupies what had been my former workout spot, Steel Gym. It was right across from here that domestic terrorist Ahmad Rahami set off one of his bombs, which blew a Dumpster straight across 23rd Street. The mangled remains landed right in front of the new Scottrade office!

Remember, if you click on them you can see them at full size!

Super-fro (Cumulofronimbus)
At Triple Canopy, in Brooklyn
In Dumbo
Filming in Union Square Park 
Outdoor bazaar
The fake--and real--pigeon seller
Modern Furniture, in the street 

A cup of (Hillary) Clinton
Loading prints on 19th Street 
A doored cyclist, on 6th Avenue
At work, on a flatbed 
Mounting a door 
My former gym's façade, now a Scottrade office
(and right across from where the 23rd St.
Dumpster bombing took place)
Same as it ever was: sleeping
in a Manhattan doorway
New World Trade Center
skyline, from Hoboken
Grove Street, Jersey City
Outside MoMA PS1:
the sign reads
Searching for the right selfie spot,
World Trade Center 
Tourists (note the person
in the knee-high, Italian
flag-colored socks)
Polish veterans, Jersey City
Shoe change, 19th Street
Fruit vendor, Upper West Side

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