Sunday, September 11, 2016

Random Photos

It has been a while since I've posted any. Here are some (fairly to very) recent ones, including a series from Governors Island, which I visited yesterday.

Our increasingly luxury tower-
filled, hypergentrifying
downtown Jersey City skyline
A longtime business in downtown JC,
being forced out, now features
a retail space sign in its window
Strange juxtapositions: a rainy sunny day
in Jersey City
Late summer catness (cuteness)
At the Jersey City Pride
Newark Avenue, the main Pride
thoroughfare this year 
People having lunch on the Upper East Side, Manhattan
High end tchotckes Expensive art
at an Upper East Side gallery

My ever-rising office bookstacks 
A badger, in South Kearney (NJ) 
On the Governor's Island ferry 
Leaving the South Ferry docks 
The Staten Island ferry, with Jersey City in the
background and Manhattan at right

Governors Island 
One of the historic buildings on what
once was a strategic military base
One of the organizations based on Governors Island
One of the Nolan Park houses,
with a fascinating sculpture out front 
Another one of the organizations based on GI 
An outdoor exercise class in Nolan Park
One of the Nolan Park paths
DJs about to set up for an afternoon set 
Relaxing in the extreme heat 
Pershing Hall (I think), Governors Island 
Some sort of shooting event
(a reenactment?)
Looking toward Brooklyn
Pulling away as another ferry arrives
Brooklyn, from the ferry
Courtland Street, with the Calatrava PATH
hub looming like a giant rib at left
Santiago Calatrava's PATH station, with
One World Trade Center at rear
Inside the futurist PATH station--
with the Oculus visible at top--
now fully occupied and bustling 
One of the second floor commercial
arcades, World Trade Center
The stairs to the Oculus and main floor 
A couple photographing each other, World Trade Center
A restaurant demolition in Newark

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