Saturday, March 21, 2015

Random Photos

Slowly, surely, I'm able to venture beyond home, stores and physical therapy, but not as widely or as much as I would have liked, so here are a few recent photos, from the street, subway and home. Enjoy.

Erecting signs, Manhattan
Retirement party, NYPL, for
the great Jay Barksdale, who
among other things oversaw
with peerless grace and patience
the library's various research
and writing rooms (Bye and
thanks so much, Jay!) 
In the subway 
Street venting, Midtown
Manhattan, the endless
movie set 
Richard Gere, in a film,
Street performance, Chelsea 
Subway interview by
(Almost-)Spring fashion, PATH
With mannikins, 42nd St.  
On (their) phones 
St. Patrick Day crowds
Sign-holders, during
St. Patrick's Day march
In a café, East Harlem 
The cracked, 100-year-old lead
drain pipe we had to have replaced 

Quite a huge (and costly) crack!

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