Friday, October 18, 2013

Random Photos

These last few weeks have been very, very busy. I sometimes don't know if I'm coming or going. A few photos from various journeys here and there.

Halloween display
Halloween display, West Village
Pensive young man, HB Light Rail
Handing out flyers
Handing out flyers, Midtown
(of course it was the cap that got me)
Tourist bus
Tourist bus, Manhattan
At Timothy Stewart-Winter's talk @ NYPL
My Rutgers colleague Timothy Stewart-Winter's
talk, "Race and Sexual Politics in the AIDS Crisis,
1981-1996," New York public library
Timothy Stewart-Winter's talk @ NYPL
During Timothy's talk, he showed a "phone zap" flyer
featuring annotations mentioning "Dan  (Savich? Savage?) [Savage]"
Jimi Hendrix street art, JC
Jimi Hendrix graffiti, downtown Jersey City
Harvest from the garden
Some of the recent garden harvest
On the subway
On the subway
Arranging candles in the window
Arranging candles in the window, Chelsea
Nearly empty gallery
Near empty gallery, West Village
Artist Ike Ude
Artist and publisher Iké Udé, Chelsea
Filming commercial, downtown JC
Filming a commercial, Jersey City
Haircuts, at night (Chelsea)
Night cuts, Chelsea
10th Avenue
Street vendor packing up, 10th Avenue
Pierre Toussaint banner, St. Patrick's Cathedral
Pierre Toussaint banner, St. Patrick's Cathedral
Shilling for a beer garden
Shilling for the ubiquitous beer gardens, Manhattan
DJ at H&M
In-house DJ, H&M, 51st Street

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