Saturday, June 08, 2013

Random Photos

Much writing of late, though unfortunately little here. More soon. In lieu of, photos.

Preparing durian (fruit), LES/Chinatown
Man cutting durian fruit for sale on the street, Lower East Side/Chinatown
Lafayette Street
Lafayette Street, NoLita
In Little Italy
Little Italy
Empty Gallery, Lower East Side
Art gallery, Lower East Side
The ubiquitous building sites
The ubiquitous building sites, lower Manhattan
Asleep in the subway entrance, Midtown
Man asleep in subway entrance, Midtown
On the Lower East Side
On the Lower East Side
Bunny cyclist
Bunny cyclist, Midtown
In NoLita
Building with elaborate external
sculpture, NoLita
At a cafe, NoLita
Cafe in the rear of a clothing store, NoLita
Filming a scene, 5th Avenue
Actors filming a scene, Fifth Avenue
Actors preparing for a scene, 5th Avenue
Actors preparing for a scene, Fifth Avenue
New Citibikes, Chelsea
The Citibike racks, proliferating
like kudzu (this one in Chelsea)
Old style bike rack, NYC
Old style bike rack, Chelsea
Street Festival, Little Italy
Street fair, Little Italy
(not the San Gennaro, though)
The one and only Michael Musto
The one and only Mike Musto
Adorned door, near the
Meatpacking District

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