Sunday, June 16, 2013

Bloomsday: Ulysses in 3 Minutes

Today is Bloomsday, the day that Leopold Bloom (I almost typed Harold--!) wandered around Dublin, thus providing the plot, slender though it was and is, of James Joyce's and Irish, English-language and world literature's greatest novels, Ulysses. Most people probably don't get much further than "Stately plump Buck Mulligan..." the phrase that opens the novel, and it is quite a slog at points, though thrilling at others--it ends with Mollie Bloom's multipage orgasm--with enough colorful characters, obscure words, rhetorical play, recondite references, thematic shifts, and more, to keep the professors at work for years, which is not exactly how Joyce put it but close enough.

For those who want a bit of Joyce's Ulysses but  can't find the time just yet, here, from the Irish Times, are the Temple Bar Company's Anne Tyrrell, Paul Kennedy and Robert Gogan performing a three-minute version of Ulysses.

Here's a screenshot:

And though I can't get the video to play on Firefox, it does play fine on Safari and Chrome.

And here is a map of the various Ulysses sites in and around Dublin (with legend), should you happen to find yourself there today or anytime:

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