Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Reading @ St. Mark's Poetry Project

It has been many years since I last read at St. Mark Poetry Church as part of the Poetry Project's reading series, so it was a delight to present new work there, with poet Andy Mister, at the invitation of series coordinator and fellow poet, critic and Cave Canem fellow Simone White. In fact, it was decidedly new poetry because although I'd originally planned to bring a copy of Seismosis with me when I left Newark yesterday after a long, full day, beginning at 8:30 am and ending at 5 pm of teaching and meetings, I was so tired I forgot to grab any books, and so had only the sheaf of new and more recent work on me. It sufficed, and I did not collapse, though I was very thankful that the podium was sturdy enough that I could keep myself vertical because of it. I also enjoyed hearing Andy read; I was unfamiliar with his work, so his presentation of a nice sliver of his forthcoming book was a convincing introduction. I was grateful that so many writers I know and admire showed up, especially given that it was on a Monday night (a tough sell by any measure), and many thanks again to Simone and the Poetry Project for making it happen.

Simone White, introducing at St. Mark's Place
Simone White, introducing the reading
Andy Mister, who I read with at St. Mark's
Andy Mister, reading
Me reading (and propping myself up
on the podium as I did so)
Sheila, Bruce, David
Sheila, Bruce and David (thanks for coming!)

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