Monday, March 25, 2013

Random Photos

Last week was spring break week, though I was mostly under the weather, so to speak, so it was more recuperation than anything else. The term is nearly halfway through, though, and despite the lingering chill and today's snowfall, I can feel spring waiting to spring. More posts soon, including one in tribute the late, extraordinary Chinua Achebe, on their way!
The polka-dotted man at the supermarket
Man in a spotted outfit, Jersey City
In a restaurant, East Village
Café Mogador, East Village
42nd St. Station, mid-afternoon
Bryant Park ice rink (since disassembled)
Bookseller, in front of the New York Public Library Research Branch
Modern Leather Goods
Modern Leather Goods, Midtown
On 5th Avenue
Punk, 5th Avenue
On the subway
Man watching his iPad, PATH train
Working out, late winter, Astor Place
Late winter workout (it was chilly outside), Astor Place
Working out, late winter, Astor Place
Late winter workout from another angle
East Side Books
East Village Books, St. Mark's Place
Playlist, bathroom door sign, Powerhouse Café, Jersey City

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