Sunday, December 30, 2012

Random Photos

A few recent photos, as we all take cover from the looming austerity bomb (and yes, I, like the vast majority of Americans, will be paying more in taxes, though I fall well under that $250,000 / year income threshold)!

In the US Post Office
At the US Post Office, Canal Street
Chestnuts, on an open fire
Chestnuts (and more) roasting on an open fire

I <3 NY Car, Bleecker Street
Christmas eve musician
Street musician, Fifth Avenue
 ("One died, and the soul was wrenched
out of the other in life....")
Armani's 5th Ave. store
Armani/5th Avenue, gleaming like a newly wrapped gift

The remains of St. Vincent's
Remains of St. Vincent's
Looking west up 57th St.
57th Street, Manhattan, with a tower rising in the background
Mangia (and those who patronize it)
Canal Street
Canal Street, as the sleetstorm was beginning
7th Ave., Midtown
7th Avenue, Midtown
At Idlewild Books, 19th St.
At Idlewild Books, 19th Street
Art Students League
The legendary Art Students League of New York
(training ground of many a famous American artist)

Towards the Newport Light Rail Station
Heading to the Newport Light Rail, Jersey City
JOY, Spring Street, SoHo

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