Sunday, December 09, 2012

Random Photos

One more week of classes to go, and the fall semester, my first at Rutgers-Newark, will conclude. At times it has felt like it passed in an eyeblink, at others as slowly as a glacier, but the disruption of Tropical Storm Sandy scrambled things sufficiently enough that it has really been like no other teaching experience save my first semester at Brown, in the fall of 2001, when 9/11 took place. That horror launched the term and shadowed the rest of the year; this event divided it into two halves, with the ripples still drawing faint but perceptible circles. I reckoned the new position, new classes, new students, and new programs would all require a considerable amount of work and I wasn't wrong; one casualty has been my blogging here. There are days when I ask myself how I ever managed, amidst all the work at Northwestern, to nearly meet my 365-day project total back in 2005-6, and I realize it was mostly determination and madness. Short of both, it often feels like a miracle if I can get to this blog once a week, if at all. Taking photos (awful as they are) is easy, though, so here are a few photos from recent weeks. Enjoy.

Jim Goodman, Tayari Jones, Nick Flynn
The final Writers at Newark reading of the fall:
MC Jim Goodman with readers Tayari Jones, and Nick Flynn
Pallets with replacement parts of Exchange Place elevators
Replacement parts on pallets in Exchange Place Station
Night, NYC
On 7th Avenue
Sample sale, NYC
A sample sale, on 14th Street
Robert Reid-Pharr, me, Greg Pardlo
Before my reading at Robert Reid-Pharr's
l-r: Robert Reid Pharr, me, Greg Pardlo
(Tyehimba Jess in foreground; photo by Reggie Harris)
Park Avenue, looking south
Park Avenue, looking south
Christmas tree sales
Christmas Tree street market
9/11 Memorial Preview site
The 9/11 Memorial Preview Site (with the endless lines)
Midtown, NYC
On 6th Avenue, in Midtown
Sample sale, 14th St.
Alex Bittar sample sale, pop-up store, 14th Street
Meatpacking district, by night
14th and 9th, Meatpacking District
Rag & Bone sample sale
Rag & Bone sample sale, Chelsea Market
At NBC Studios, NYC
NBC Studios, Midtown
Rockefeller Center Holiday tree, decorated and mobbed
Rockefeller Center Christmas tree, fully decorated (and mobbed)
Google's NY HQ
Google's New York Headquarters, Meatpacking district
9th Avenue, NYC
Chelsea Market, 9th Avenue
Pre Art Basel Miami posters
Offensive Art Basel Miami sign
7th Avenue, Midtown
Ticker-tape diode, 7th Avenue
Downtown JC, at night
Somnolent Jersey City street
Park Avenue, looking South
Park Avenue, with MetLife Building in the background
Full moon over JC
Full moon over Jersey City
At David's Party in Bkyn
At filmmaker David Moore's (standing at right) birthday party in Brooklyn

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