Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Portraits of Me (by Colleagues)

I haven't posted any iPhone or iPad or scanned pen or pencil drawings in quite a while, mainly because I haven't had time to complete (m)any, but I've learned that there are J's Theater readers who take note of them, some of them quite distinguished colleagues, who have duly produced their own original drawings, in pen and colored pencil, of yours truly. I assured several of them that I would post their original drawings, so here they are.

(© Brian Bouldrey)
Brian, always brimming with wit and possessing a way with words, captures me in my post-locs cap and glasses, with Van Dyke (which I have persisted for years in calling a goatee), and highlights an aspect of my personhood in his dialogue bubble. Were he to describe this drawing he would have you rolling on the floor with laughter; he's one of the best and funniest public speakers I've ever come across. At any rate, as a famous wag once said (or didn't), On ne peux pas survivre sans les livres ou vivre sans la théorie.

(© Eula Biss)
Eula, whose work is as sharp as a laser, polished as crystal, and deep as a diamond mine, employed a light and gentle touch with colored pencils to capture me as I was and once again am, again, sin trenzas, as they might say in DR. I like this one because it gives me a full hairline (I still do have the widow's peak, though) and makes me look much younger. No squint lines between my eyes or gray beard!

(© John Bresland)
John is a mage in the video essay field, which means that he has and knows from vision, and he envisions me as I was until a few years ago, with a full head (of slowly graying) hair.  I love that he captures the widow's peak as well. Very Frederick Douglass, I think, or Dennis Brutus, two heroes. When I was very young I used to worry that the widow's peak made me look too much like Eddie Munster, until one day I looked at it another way, as a nice anchor for my forehead.
(© John Bresland)
John also drew himself, waving goodbye. He depicts himself pretty well. You can see the look of engaged thought on his mien, though; whenever we pass in the hallways or walkways I wonder, what is he dreaming up? Something exciting, I'm sure. Let me return the wave, and tell them all, many thanks. I'll really miss you all.

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